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How It Works

Electrical Bridge System Instructions:

It is best to install The Electrical Bridge System at the same time as installing the raceway and junction boxes.

Step 1 Insert one end of the Bridge into connector or conduit

Step 2 Bend Bridge with hand and insert other end into connector or conduit.

Shown above 4.0” –square junction box with ¾” trade size bypass

Step 3 Install one Bridge in every junction box used in the raceway.

Step 4 Starting at one end of raceway insert fish tape or mouse*. Simply push
fish tape or blow mouse through with string attached.

Step 5 Use the fish tape or string to pull wires through as needed.

Step 6 Grab the Bridge by the ears with pliers and tear it out of the junction box leaving the wire exposed. The Electrical Bridge will give away at the designed break away slit.

Note: A new mouse will need to be trimmed slightly. A used or “broken in” mouse works best.

Tools Needed

Fish fish tape or mouse with string using vacuum or air compressor.


Electrical Bridge System Inc. 26-113 Lakeshore Rd West Mississauga L5H 1E9 905-891-8198

The Electrical Bridge System is recyclable