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Q. What is The Electrical Bridge System?

A. The Electrical Bridge System is a disposable labor saving device providing electrical contractors with the ability to wire a building that uses conduit gang boxes with pneumatics or conventional fish tape/wiring methods.

Q. What benefits does The Electrical Bridge System provide?

A. This patented technology (Patented in Canada and the U.S. Patent #6936765) is designed to immediately
improve efficiency, saving time and money. For example, a project with two conduit runs
with 20 gang box installations can result in the savings of 4 hours or more to the job.

Q. Does The Electrical Bridge System require additional tools?

A. No additional scissors or cumbersome snaking are required.

Q. Who developed The Electrical Bridge System?

A. The Electrical Bridge System was designed by licensed electrical contractors who identified a need to streamline their work and save time. They understand the practicality of good products in day-to-day activities.

Q. How can I get more information?

A. For more information and pricing, please contact us at


Electrical Bridge System Inc. 26-113 Lakeshore Rd West Mississauga L5H 1E9 905-891-8198

The Electrical Bridge System is recyclable